The Polar Night Games was formed in the spring of 2016 from the desire to combine tradition, modernity and two different cultures in the form of a video game. Our goal is to create games where players can experience the magic of Finnish nature with stories that have been passed down from generation to generation.


Programmer, Game Designer

Programmers are like wizards. They bend the reality as they please and shape the world to their every desire. Programmers (and wizards) are masters of the impossible. Aatelisnakki is this teams arcane adept.


Graphic Artist

If you are obsessed with cute things we have good news for you. MAI is especially known for cute girls and there will be a lot in our game too! Characters she designs and draws will add a little bit of extra kawaii in your everyday life.



Gambina1557 strengthens our team with his experience of various instruments and music genres. Musical atmosphere in the project will be influenced by Finnish folk music and traditional folk instruments.

Teemu Taiga

Graphic Artist

Teemu is a self-taught artist who is specialized in character illustrations, but loves to draw and paint other types of art too. He enjoys fashion, tabletop / video games, Japanese culture, photography, digital sculpting and animation.



Programmer, Game Designer, Writer

In this team we have people who are experts in their own field. However, Itku is more like a Jack of all trades (and master of none), who combines the pieces together. He is also the main visionary of the team.



Terra Feminarum is available on Steam and

We plan to release the game on Windows.

We think everyone should use the tools that get them from start to finish with the least amount of struggle. For this project that means Java, LWJGL3 and OpenGL. We chose Java for our programming language because we are the most familiar with it.

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